Chicago Communal League Sports Blog: 16 Inch Softball A Fall Sport Has Been Rather Famous Throughout Cps

chicago communal league sports blog: 16 inch softball a fall sport has been rather famous throughout  cps

16-Inch Softball When you have been on time that does therewith mean showing up physically there at the time you are expected.

Continually repeat to yourself, Be here now, if you have difficulty staying focused.

You are locked on and the mentality is nothing except focused on game and the task at hand. It means coming to field with our game face on. It means being prepared to play second the coach arrives.

It means being present and making sure you are 100 prepared to go really time. Being on time is more than merely what the watch says. This statement alone will enhance your focus and overall playing ability. Earl Shultz and Neilski at a North Avenue Beach Volleyball Tournament.

They got a chance to meet with rising three sport star Earl Schultz from Walter Payton College Prep.

At ‘six 3’, athletic and with a calm and cool demeanor, I got the impression that Earl always was one of those guys that nearly any coach would love to have on his team.

16-Inch Softball Lane Tech crushed upstart Kelly ‘220’ to win the CPS city softball title in Kelly did Lane a huge favor by upsetting immensely regarded Payton in quarterfinals.

Tim Nard hit a home run and Junior Munoz had the game winning RBI.

Hiram DeJesus was winning pitcher. In a rematch from last year’s city championship, Lane Tech barely got by as they defeated Payton 1211″ in eight innings. To get there Lane beat Taft 111 in semifinals. Lane capped off an undefeated season after defconsuming food Washington 123″ at UIC. By the way I was expecting Taft to play a lot better. Consequently, Rising costs of reserving and maintaining field space is amid the concerns. After a ten year run in the CPS 16 inch softball -otherwise famous as boys softball always was in deep danger of getting cut. Schools like Taft, Corliss, Von Steuben, Kelly, and quite a few more all have schools. CPS. Participation is always of course not a problem. Considering above said. There actually is greater interest in suburban schools. This victory marks Lane Tech’s first city championship on the varsity level in Some fall of our various different teams have come close but 16 inch softball team pulled through by slimmest of margins to win the city title for Lane.